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Why Yoga Is a Powerful Tool for Weight Loss

If you’re looking for the maximum calorie burn, high-intensity aerobics is the go-to fitness activity. A vigorous one-hour swim will burn around 700 calories for the average 160-pound person. And going on an hour-long fast-paced run can burn a whopping 850 calories or more. Compare that with a typical Hatha yoga class and you will likely burn around 180 calories. Even a fast-moving, heated power yoga class will burn just under 300 calories for that Read More

Social Media Stokes Coronavirus Fears

Social media is a powerful force. It has the ability to connect family and friends from all over the world, create a sense of belonging and offer support – especially during this current health crisis. But it can also stir up negativity, spread misinformation and heighten worries.   About 3.8 billion people – more than half the world’s population – are now on social media, according to Digital 2020 reports. “Social media is here to Read More

Skip the Fast Weight Loss Diets and Go for Long-Term Health

With a wide array of diets on the market, it can be tough to weed out all the fad diets and find a nutritionally well-balanced diet that is rooted in sound science and also simple to follow over the long haul. “It’s easy to be overwhelmed, but don’t get sucked in by all the fad diets,” says Katherine Beals, associate clinical professor of nutrition and integrative physiology at the University of Utah. “Sticking to the Read More

Why Exercising Outdoors Makes You Much Healthier and Happier

With the arrival of spring, you’ll have more reason to get out and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Here are a few health benefits of taking your workout or yoga practice outdoors and enjoying the healing power of nature. Improve Sleep – Daily exposure to sunlight naturally regulates circadian rhythms – your body’s internal clock – for a better night’s sleep. Regular exercise can further improve sleep quality by helping you get to sleep Read More

How to Avoid Those Embarrassing Moments on Your Yoga Mat

I barely survived my last yoga class. The burly guy right behind me tumbled out of handstand and narrowly missed landing on me, his flailing feet grazing the back of my head. Thankfully, neither of us were seriously injured, and the guy left with nothing more than a bruised ego. Don’t overestimate your abilities. The combination of crowded classes and overconfident students can make inversions a risky proposition. A single out-of-control student can cause a domino Read More

Why Yin Yoga Is a Must for Type A Yogis

People are naturally drawn toward what they like and enjoy, so it’s no surprise that high-energy, hard-driving yogis tend to do strenuous, faster-paced Ashtanga-style yoga classes – often in a heated room, so they can warm up quicker, sweat more and get their heart pumping faster. By applying the ancient Chinese principle of yin and yang to your practice, you can find more balance and harmony on and off your mat. If you’re used to Read More

The Hidden Risks of Multitasking

Multitasking is way overrated. We have the illusion of getting more stuff done, but the quality of our work usually suffers and we rarely do anything to completion. When I try to juggle several tasks at once – like answering texts, email and phone calls while working on a writing assignment – my attention is pulled in so many different directions that I rarely get past the first sentence of my story. The constant interruptions Read More

Why Meditating Can Change Your Life Forever

Now that 2016 is in full swing, many people are adding meditation to their New Year’s resolutions. The reasons for meditating are as varied as the people who do it – CEOs looking to boost productivity and get an edge on the competition, athletes trying to improve their game, patients coping with a cancer diagnosis or depression, or those who are in a rut and looking to find their purpose in life. Meditation requires no Read More

Hydro Power: Train Hard and Stretch Deeply in the Water

Running 40 miles a week started to take a toll on Karen Rooff’s body. She suffered from chronic joint soreness and nagging foot pain from plantar fasciitis. If she wanted to continue running marathons, she had to make a change. “I felt like I couldn’t run on land six days a week anymore like I used to. It took me longer to recover,” says Rooff. As a personal trainer and aqua yoga instructor, she knew Read More

As Stereotypes Fall, More Men Are Falling for Yoga

When Mike Lee first started training as a professional fighter, he had no interest in doing yoga. In a sport like boxing – known for its brute force, speed and explosive power – yoga didn’t seem to fit. “I never thought that yoga would be a part of my training. I knew my little sister was into it and it seemed like something that was just for girls,” says Lee, describing his initial reaction to Read More