Why Do Yoga?

Most people start doing yoga because they want to get more flexible, build strength, improve their balance, or find their six-pack abs? Yes, all of this may be possible with a regular yoga practice, but the greatest benefits of yoga go much deeper.

The original purpose of this 5,000 year-old practice is simple — to calm the mind. And with a calmer mind, all aspects of your life are enhanced — your relationships, your job, your focus, your ability to deal with stress.

When you’re stuck in traffic, the kids are melting down or someone is pushing your hot buttons, yoga teaches you to pause and breathe deeply before reacting. You learn to find calm and peace amidst life’s most turbulent storms.

Yes, yoga is trendy right now and you can find a class on practically every street corner — from the gentle beginner’s class to the ultra-athletic, heated power class. But the challenge is to find a class that matches your goals and abilities, so you can cultivate a healthy body and mind without risking injury. As an experienced, certified yoga teacher, Angela Ambrose tailors her classes to  all ages and fitness levels.

Are you ready to transform your life on every level? Then let’s begin our journey together.