Private/Corporate Yoga

Yoga comes in many styles and intensity levels.

So, how do you know what’s right for you?

Angela Ambrose is an experienced, certified yoga teacher who can customize the yoga practice to match your company’s philosophy or mission.  She will work closely with you to develop  workshops, retreats or regular in-house classes of all sizes. Angela began her career in Corporate America and has a deep understanding of how businesses work.

Yoga can help your business:

  • Build a more cohesive team
  • Cultivate creativity
  • Reduce employees’ stress or anxiety
  • Set longterm goals
  • Prepare  for major changes in the organization

A large body of research shows that yoga can boost your mood, sharpen your focus and build a stronger body and mind. That’s why more and more companies are offering yoga classes at their workplace — before and after work and during lunch breaks — to enhance their employees’ physical and mental wellbeing and make them feel more valued.

Angela and her team of of teachers are fully insured, certified and registered with Yoga Alliance. 

Make Yoga More Powerful by Adding a Theme

Planning a special retreat or workshop for your corporate team? Angela is a master at crafting themes and weaving them seamlessly into the yoga practice. Investing in your employees’ health will help you reap big dividends in all aspects of your business.  Yoga helps people  feel more energized, balanced, focused, and ultimately, more productive in all that they do.

Looking for Private Yoga?

Angela offers private one-on-one yoga sessions, as well as  specialized yoga classes for  small groups of friends, family members or business associates. Celebrate an upcoming wedding, offer support to a loved one during challenging times or build a stronger bond with friends by hosting a special yoga class. Contact Angela for a free phone consultation and pricing.