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Why We Keep Failing at New Year’s Resolutions

  Very few people take New Year’s resolutions seriously. According to a recent study, only 8 to 12% of people who make New Year’s resolutions actually keep them, and less than half of us bother to make them at all. The beginning of a new year is the ideal time to make changes in our lives because we naturally pause, look back at the past year and take in a big-picture view of where we Read More

Why Dudes Dig Broga

Although yoga has exploded in popularity, a lot of men are still wary of walking into a yoga class. They worry about competing with super-flexible women who contort their bodies as if auditioning for a circus act or having to chant in a strange foreign language. “I’ve heard so many stories of guys going into a yoga class and they can’t do half of the postures. They struggle and get frustrated, so they don’t go Read More

Why Yin Yoga Is a Must for Type A Yogis

People are naturally drawn toward what they like and enjoy, so it’s no surprise that high-energy, hard-driving yogis tend to do strenuous, faster-paced Ashtanga-style yoga classes – often in a heated room, so they can warm up quicker, sweat more and get their heart pumping faster. By applying the ancient Chinese principle of yin and yang to your practice, you can find more balance and harmony on and off your mat. If you’re used to Read More

Why Meditating Can Change Your Life Forever

Now that 2016 is in full swing, many people are adding meditation to their New Year’s resolutions. The reasons for meditating are as varied as the people who do it – CEOs looking to boost productivity and get an edge on the competition, athletes trying to improve their game, patients coping with a cancer diagnosis or depression, or those who are in a rut and looking to find their purpose in life. Meditation requires no Read More

Hydro Power: Train Hard and Stretch Deeply in the Water

Running 40 miles a week started to take a toll on Karen Rooff’s body. She suffered from chronic joint soreness and nagging foot pain from plantar fasciitis. If she wanted to continue running marathons, she had to make a change. “I felt like I couldn’t run on land six days a week anymore like I used to. It took me longer to recover,” says Rooff. As a personal trainer and aqua yoga instructor, she knew Read More

As Stereotypes Fall, More Men Are Falling for Yoga

When Mike Lee first started training as a professional fighter, he had no interest in doing yoga. In a sport like boxing – known for its brute force, speed and explosive power – yoga didn’t seem to fit. “I never thought that yoga would be a part of my training. I knew my little sister was into it and it seemed like something that was just for girls,” says Lee, describing his initial reaction to Read More

Mood Food: What You Eat Affects Your Emotions and Energy Level

Need to be mentally sharp for a big job interview or energized to teach your yoga class? What you eat can have a profound impact on your mood. Some foods create more sustained energy and improve mental focus, while others can give you a surge of ready energy followed by a slump. “Everything you eat can be fuel to support your body functions and a positive mood or a compound that can cause disruption,” says Read More

NFL Players Build Flexibility and Focus on the Field

When you think of yoga, 300-pound linebackers balancing in dancer’s pose is probably not the first image that comes to mind. But today you will find a number of NFL football players, along with many other pro athletes, rolling out their yoga mats with the goal of increasing their flexibility, power and mental toughness on the field. Yoga isn’t just for the dainty and double-jointed. The benefits of yoga are so powerful that rookies with Read More

Beating Winter Blues

As winter approaches, the dwindling sunlight and cold, dreary weather can give you the “winter blues.” If your feelings of sadness and fatigue follow a predictable seasonal pattern, you may have a type of depression called Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. “We start seeing it at the end of fall when the days get shorter, usually in the North and Northeast parts of the Unites states or areas that are cold, rainy and dark for Read More

Riding the Wave of Emotions

You might feel it in a long, deep hip opener like Pigeon pose or in an energizing backbend like Upward-Facing Bow or in a soothing Child’s pose; unexpected emotions start to percolate to the surface as you open up blocked energy in your body. Sometimes the feelings flow through you like a gently rolling stream. Other times, the emotions hit you hard like wild, raging ocean waves. Your body and mind are intimately connected, so Read More